Workshop at the Canadian Embassy Berlin (Marshall McLuhan Salon)

kanada004Englisch Leistungskurs (E1) The theme of our study week this year is Canada. Therefore we visited the Canadian embassy in Berlin, where we first got a general introduction of the basic facts about the country.

Our speaker told us about the culture, the landscape of Canada, how the country is divided into provinces and territories and we realized that it is quite similar to Germany’s “Bundesländer“.

After her talk we had some time to educate ourselves a little more by watching some prepared films about the topics we are most interested in like the healthcare system and immigration laws. At the end we discussed what we had just found out and compared it to the USA and Germany. All in all, we were very happy about our field trip and came back with more knowledge that we can use for our presentations this week.

Text: Elisa K. | Bilder: J. Köhler


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